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St Anthony Map.png

Date: Sunday, May 19th
Setup: 12:30 pm
Call Time: 1:00pm
Event Start: 2:00pm
Expected Length: 1.5 hours

Double Quartet Only

St. Anthony on the Desert

Attire:  Robes and surplises
Music:  Order TBA

Tantum Ergo - Bruckner (C Major, E-flat)

Non Vos Relinquam Orphanos - Byrd

Duh Tvoj Blagi - Chesnokoff

Venti Sancte Spiritus - Fenton

Veni Creator - Palestrina

O Salutaris Hostia - Rossini

Tantum Ergo - Schubert

Alleluia - Thompson

God is a Spirit - Thompson

I Will not Leave you Comfortless - Titcomb

Magnificat - Palestrina

Nunc Dimitis - Smith

(Music should be in a CN black folder)

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